5 Hot Marketing tips: Facebook for Restaurants, Pubs and Bars.

5 Hot Marketing tips: Facebook for Restaurants, Pubs and Bars.

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Are you a restaurant or pub owner / manager and wondering whether Facebook for restaurants is really worth it?

Not getting enough likes on your page and you want to know how you can leverage Facebook to get more people in your venue?

We have been dealing with a fair few different restaurant owners regarding social media strategy for the past few weeks, so I felt compelled to write a blog article with some of the strategies that we have shared with them that have not only increased likes, but more importantly had more people enjoying their amazing hospitality.

1. First Impressions Last

First off, you need your Facebook page to look AWESOME. Branding is huge, first impressions last and people don’t like you unless they are entranced by the look of your page. If it is looking a bit bland, boring, low quality or worth with zero updates – they will not click like. FACT.

Check out the pages that you like on Facebook, (other than the pages of your close friends businesses) do they all look awesome?  If not, well done you are part of a minority, the rest of us unfortunately are fairly shallow. Most don’t want to associate with a dodgy looking page by clicking like – no matter how good the food is.

To counteract this, simply get an amazing timeline cover designed. Where can you get it cheap? Try design crowd – for around $200 you can get some awesome design made for your page and concepts given to you from designers all over the world. Money well spent if I say so myself.

2. Facebook Tabs

Facebook tabs are NOT as expensive as you think. Install a static HTML tab and get a design made – easy as that. Here is the link to the free tab to install: http://apps.facebook.com/iframehost-c/?fb_source=search&ref=ts&fref=ts

Just a big designed up page will do with an arrow pointing to the like button. Here is an example: http://www.designcrowd.com/design/256549. This is a perfect landing page for your Fan Page.

Perhaps through this you can offer 10% off all main meals for your Facebook fans?

3.  Integrate Offline and Online

Because you have a venue you can leverage Facebook check-ins and run a continuous promotion to anyone who comes in.

For example: Check in on Facebook and get a free drink with your meal.

Something as simple as that means your customers promote your business for you. And who wouldn’t check in to get a free drink? This is instant social proof and gets your Restaurant seen by thousands every day and night. Let’s say a modest 10 people check in each day. They might all have 500 friends each, those check ins has the potential to be seen by over 5000 people.

For the price of a couple of drinks, that is not a bad deal.

4. Run sponsored stories.

Want to super charge your likes? Run sponsored stories on your page (once your page is looking amazing from design crowd of course).

Sponsored stories are undercover ads sent out to friends of fans of your page. It shows up in their news feed to suggest them to like your page.

People who eat at your venue may not even know you have a Facebook page, but one of their friends may like your page. Sponsored stories will then start running ads to them in their news feed encouraging them to like your page because their friend does. This way they are much more likely to like your page. These are the types of ads you want to run, not the ads down the right side of the page, because who looks at those ads? NO ONE.

5. Give them a reason to like you with weekly offers.

Tell your fans that by liking you they get access to exclusive weekly Facebook fan offers. Offers are easy to do within Facebook and can be claimed by your fans.

25% off your Parma this Tuesday. $5 off your main meal this Saturday.

The options are endless. Check the video below to see how you can set up your own offers inside Facebook.

Bonus Tip: Stay ahead of the pack by checking restaurant pages that do Facebook marketing well.

Look at what Subway do: http://www.facebook.com/subway

Yeah these guys have big budgets, but you don’t need to spend millions on those Facebook tabs. You can achieve a similar outcome at a fraction of the cost if you leverage services like design crowd or even oDesk if you need some more functionality for your tabs.

The days of Business to Consumer are over; we are now in the world of Consumer to Consumer and by implementing these strategies together you will start to facilitate this Consumer to Consumer marketing model into your favour. These strategies WILL increase your Facebook likes and get more people into your restaurant. Now all you need to do is serve awesome food.

I hope these 5 tips help you start to get more people enjoying your amazing venue and increase engagement in your Facebook page.

All the best with your Facebook marketing let us know what you think of the article in the comments area below.

If you know anyone who could benefit from this information, please take a second to send them this link. You will be helping us… and THEM.



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